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Mr. Foster, a native of Columbia, South Carolina, is a graduate of Davidson College earning his BA and MA from St. Peter’s College at Oxford University while receiving his JD degree from Harvard Law, cum laude.  Following his law school graduation, John was an associate for Sullivan & Cromwell in New York practicing corporate law.  Upon returning to Columbia, John was a partner with the McNair Law Firm in addition to being a founding principal for Foster, Saad & Company, Ltd. 

 John Foster has spent his career as a financing lawyer and as a developer designing innovative financing techniques.  He was the underwriter’s counsel for the first tax increment bond transaction in the state of South Carolina as well as the primary taxpayer (through the State Museum building) to support the bonds.  When the College of Charleston needed to finance a dormitory but was hamstrung by its existing bond commitments, John devised a plan for the College to set-up a not-for-profit corporation to issue the bonds, build the dormitory and to rent it to the College.  When Clemson University decided to build a conference center, Mr. Foster pioneered the use of lease-purchase financing in the state by arranging for the sale of certificates of participation in the lease to the capital markets.  In the early 1980’s, when the physicians and hospitals  found themselves unable to finance needed medical offices because of high interest rates, Mr. Foster designed a financing plan to issue industrial revenue bonds to finance the facilities and to have the physicians own the buildings in accordance with their proportion of rented space.  This particularly successful plan led to the construction of twelve medical office buildings around the state.